What Really Sets Companies Apart?


Why do some businesses succeed and even thrive, while others struggle and often times make a slow, painful descent to oblivion?  

Let’s say hypothetically we conducted a case study on two separate companies; both provided similar products or services. Both put a lot of time and effort into creating a detailed business plan, both hired a professional marketing firm, conducted extensive market research prior to launch, created a strong brand identity and followed a similar marketing plan - eye-catching ads, social media, internet presence, yada, yada, yada....  

One company prospers and grows, the other fizzles for a while trying to stay above water, but eventually goes under.  


If you were thinking the people, congrats, you are right on target.  Unfortunately, even one negative interaction with a salesperson or representative can have a lasting effect.  How many times have you encountered poor customer service at a nice store or restaurant (or doctor’s office, gas station or fill-in-the-blank) and left thinking, “whoa, I’m never going back there again?”  Probably more than once.  Sometimes, it’s just a slow descent from any number of mediocre interactions until one day you search for a better fill-in-the-blank and take your business elsewhere.  


The most successful brands consider every interaction with clients an opportunity to wow them all over again. Think of it as the difference between dating and marriage... When dating, you’re always trying to impress the other person - it’s passionate and full of fun and everyone is happy.  But if you start to take the other person (clients) for granted, you could end up with a stale, boring marriage (unhappy client with a wandering eye) or divorce (lose client altogether).  So it’s imperative to have a phenomenal customer service policy and invest in good people to represent your brand! 


Inspired Marketing StrategiesIf you have salespeople on your front line, are they Oscar-worthy?  They should be.  Reward employees as often as possible and provide motivation and training as needed. Make sure you promote authenticity and dedication that filters throughout your organization. “Be the change” as Gandhi said.  It goes for business too...

So what makes an award-winning salesperson?  Here’s the unofficial Inspired definition:  A great salesperson is someone with the ability to build a bridge and really connect with clients. A person who’s able to explain the product or service with both simplicity and intellect -   Who represents the brand in a positive light, and most importantly, it’s someone who isn’t afraid to ask for the sale, and ask again (and sometimes again- and then makes you realize you could really use some extras along with that original thing you came in for...), all without coming across as a used car salesman.  

That’s because a great salesperson puts you in an unguarded state - You feel you can trust them, which ultimately allows you to make an informed buying decision- quite often leaving you with a feeling of appreciation for their efforts and a positive lasting impression on the brand they represent.  Is this happening within your organization?


Is every area of your company, “Oscar-worthy?”  What better time than right now to focus on your brand values, employee morale and customer relations?  Feel free to use our handy-dandy Red Carpet Checklist to help get you started.  Best of luck... Hope to see you on the red carpet!