PH8 marketing


PH8 marketing believes that the environment and the creatures that dwell within it are important and worth preserving.  Many of the causes near and dear to our hearts are those that support higher issues.  As such, PH8 works exclusively with enlightened brands- select businesses or non-profit groups offering products or services that are a catalyst for positive change.   We are deeply passionate about supporting businesses that share this vision, so whether it’s a new product launch for a small entrepreneur or a corporate rebranding campaign for a large established brand, we know what makes a marketing campaign memorable so people immediately recognize it, even years later. 


PH8 founder Joyce Skarka, is the president of Inspired Marketing Strategies, a firm known for their creative ads and out-of-the-box campaigns.  PH8 is dedicated to making a positive difference and brings an unwavering commitment to our clients, all the while enhancing the message of great brands and products.  


There is tremendous power and energy in “paying it forward.”  Showing each other that we care and that there is love, hope and magic all around us. Knowing that we may be only one person in this world, but to one person, at one time, we are the world...

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