Free Press, Don't Stress

Happy Spring!  What better time for some free marketing tips to help keep your budgets low and exposure high? Because even after all the hard work you put into your blog or press releases, there’s still another challenge… getting your message out.  Thanks to the web, it’s easier than ever to get publicity and editorial exposure.  All of the following sites can be utilized as free (and immediate) tools to promote your articles.  Given the tight marketing budgets of today, we hope you find the following list we've put together helpful.  (Let us know!)

  1. Twitter – Twitter is a micro blogging site that allows you to share links, information and communicate in 140 characters at a time. You can share information with people who are willing to listen and they can retweet (pass along) the information you give.
  2. Facebook –You can create a personal account and a page that you can dedicate to sharing your materials. People who like what you share can “like” your page or your status and get your links on their news feed whenever you update.
  3. StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon lets you discover and share websites with a community of people with the same interests.  Rather than searching for quality web sites, StumbleUpon members are taken directly to websites matching their personal interests and preferences.
  4. Digg – Digg is a site where a community of people discover and share sites to their network of people. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by users. People discover your site and if they like it they will share it. 
  5. Reddit – Reddit is a site that allows people to discover what is new and popular on the web.  Users can submit their content for members of the site to read and vote whether they like it or not.
  6. Delicious – Delicious allows a person to bookmark an article if she or he likes that article or if it is useful enough to keep as a file online.
  7. Mixx – Mixx makes it easy to find stories, photos and videos that you might not have found on your own. After all, who has time to sift through everything that’s out there? With Mixx, you can click on any tab and get great content as voted by the Mixx community.
  8. YouTube- Last but not least is YouTube. There’s no question we’re in the age of video and many companies have found great success in video blogging. One of the many benefits of video blogging is putting an authentic face to your brand.  Keep messages focused, informative and under two minutes or you risk loosing your audience to quick click of the mouse…

Remember, only when you have good content will your readers readily share making your job much easier.  Happy Marketing! 

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